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 Company conscientiously implement all laws and regulations of environmental protection, strict enforcement of project eia, the "three simultaneity" special acceptance, and environmental protection to implement environmental management to the production and operation of each link, and to enhance investment in environmental protection and circular economy, and greatly reduce emissions, reduce production cost, enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises, and reduce the pollution to the environment, has the good economic efficiency and social benefits and environmental benefits.


Company research, development, production of integrated circuit packaging products have DIP, SOP, SSOP, TSSOP, MSOP, QFP, LQFP, eLQFP, SIP, the TO, SOT, BGA, FC, TSV, LED, MEMS, and so on more than 10 series over 180 varieties, capacity and sales in the domestic packaging testing companies. 2. Packaging products are widely used in industrial control, consumer electronics, mobile communications and other fields, products meet the requirement of green environmental protection, and most companies for domestic integrated circuit packaging products. Company has a state-level enterprise technology center in gansu province and microelectronics packaging engineering technology research center, built with microelectronics engineering research laboratory in gansu province, gansu province, semiconductor lighting engineering laboratory and the reliability of the domestic first-class laboratory.

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Weiyang District of Fengcheng city of Xi'an province Shaanxi five road No. 105